Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Wander: Ricky's Pup-Up Shop

I've been fighting a losing battle against a nasty case of the sniffles all weekend, so I was not super eager to leave the comfort of my Netflix and sweatpants to take Holly to school this afternoon. But I know how much she loves the time with the other puppies, and we have been working on more complex clicker training that would be tough to make up, so I willed myself to put on real pants and head out the door.

My effort was rewarded when we stumbled across the new Ricky's NYC "Pup Up Shop" on the corner of 85th and Lexington on the Upper East Side. The only store of it's kind in the city, it promises to "Bring Downtown Attitude To Your Uptown Dog." Since I have loved Ricky's for it's fun and funky beauty and costume staples for years, Holly and I knew we had to stop in and see what it was all about.
The exterior of the exclusive Ricky's "Pup-Up Shop" on New York's Upper East Side

The store promises to bring Ricky's signature "Downtown attitude to your Uptown pet"
The "Pup Up Shop" is in a small storefront next to the entrance to the subway, and is only open for the holiday season (through January 2014). Though there is a small selection of toys, collars, and leashes, the definite focus is on apparel for the smaller pup--everything from festive holiday costumes to puffy coats to everyday tees and sweaters, all with a signature Ricky's flair. We loved tees printed with snarky sayings like "It's my party and I'll bark if I want to" and "Spoiled, but not rotten," as well as the selection of cozy knits--especially the pup-friendly riff on the classic "I Heart NY" design.
So many outfits, so little time! Luckily, the store is open late (until 9pm on weekends)!
A New York classic updated for your furry friend. 
Since Holly is my BFF (Best Friend Fur-ever), this sweet hoodie may be the next addition to her wardrobe.
The centerpiece of the store is the high end "Rich Bitch Collection," which features sumptuous fabrics and details such as soft cobalt velvet, Swarovski crystal buttons, and fabulous (faux) fur that would make any Upper East Side princess the envy of all the pups on the block. As the name would suggest, these fabulous clothes have prices to match--the blue coat we loved totaled just over $200.

The store's signature high end collection is sure to satisfy even the most discerning pup.
This faux fur ensemble screams Old Hollywood glamour--but has a New Hollywood price tag.
Since we, sadly, do not have a Tinkerbell Hilton budget, we returned to the regular selection of clothes, where we spotted a decidedly not-Downtown feeling pink tweed coat by Le Chien. Complete with button closures and tonal floral embroidery, it was perfect for Jackie O--or, in this case, Holly Golightly!

This classic tweed coat with bow sleeves was more Uptown Chic than Downtown Cool, but that worked for us!
Holly modeling the coat--she's ready to be First Puppy!
Unfortunately, the largest available size in the coat was still a little small for Holly, but we will definitely be checking back as well as adding some of the other adorable items to our holiday wishlist!

Until Next Time, Darlings!

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