Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Store Spotlight: Tory Burch

At lunch today with my trendy pals Mariel and Michelle, it was brought to my attention that designer Tory Burch had decided to adapt her classic preppy style to suit four legged fashionistas. Always a sucker for any designer brand we can get our paws on, Holly and I decided to sit down this evening and peruse the offerings.

The collection online is fairly small--just a couple of sweaters and an embossed leather collar and leash that give the look of expensive lizard skin. As pretty as that set was, we skipped right past it, knowing full well the leash would be a goner the second Holly saw a pigeon in the park!

The sweaters, however, are adorable and definitely up our alley. Available in a seasonable burnt orange or a classic navy and white combo, they have the look of a classic fisherman's sweater with on-trend additions of a kangaroo pocket and Tory's signature logo button. 

Tory Burch's chic new Dog Sweater in Burnt Orange
At $65, the sweater seems well priced when compared to other doggie designer offerings, particularly when considering the warm, high quality fabric (100% merino wool) and light knit, which could make for a good base layer under heavier coats for pups like Holly who have very little hair and live in areas where it can get very cold. 

The drawback to merino wool, while making the sweaters super warm and super durable, is that they would not be not machine-wash friendly. My mom would say these sweaters were "just for show"-not something your pup should be rolling in the mud or chasing squirrels in!

It also appears that the sweater may not have a leash hole to accommodate a harness, though that is a fairly simple fix your local tailor can take care of for about $10. 

I think the best part about these sweaters is they come in larger sizes to outfit every fashionable pooch in your life. So often the super cute designer clothes are only sized for "purse dogs," but according to the Tory Burch sizing chart, these sweaters will fit dogs up to 26" long (the breed example is a German Shepherd)! Now brand conscious doggie mommies with large-pawed fur babies can be included in the fun!

The verdict? While it may not be the most practical garment for your pooch's day to day life, the new Tory Burch puppy sweater is not only super cute and super trendy, but allows for furry fashionistas of all sizes to have a little luxe in their lives. And in our book, that's paw-sitively fabulous. 

Until Next Time, Darlings!

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