Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Paw-sitively Fabulous: Wallyware (Plus a Discount!)

When I was younger, my parents sold their condo in Southern California and packed up to move to Colorado, where my dad's family had a small Summer cabin. That year, while staying at said cabin, my dad noticed a plate at a local gallery featuring a yellow dog named Wally, in a convertible, packing up after selling his dog house in California to move to Colorado.

This was the first piece in my parent's collection of "Wallyware," the wacky, irreverent, topical, and sometimes off-color brainchild of Tom Edwards, a Colorado Artisan who himself is a California transplant. Wally started as a simple goofy sketch on a few plates at a craft fair that were interspersed with the pretty, "functional pottery" Tom was creating in the early 80s. The plates garnered so much attention (including a massive order for a dinner service for 12!), that Tom took his little cartoon dog and leveraged it into a brand with a dedicated cult following, soon celebrating its 30th year. Custom orders have been commissioned for wrap parties for Jackass films, The Grateful Dead's Bob Weir, and even as a retirement gift for former Secretary Of State Hillary Rodham Clinton! Suffice it to say--Little Wally has had MANY big adventures.

"Wally learns the true meaning of horror when his Mom joins Facebook."
"Wally becomes a vegetarian simply because he likes being asked stupid questions."
"Wally learns that on Etsy, 'hand drawn on ironic vintage tableware' means a Sharpie drawing on an old paper plate."
The beauty of Wally, says Tom, is he can be inserted into almost any joke. My parent's collection of Wallyware can attest to that; Wally has been to Catholic School, met Martha Stewart and Harry Potter, run for political office, and visited Jackson Pollock's studio, just to name a few. The pottery my parents have collected over the decades serves as a mini time capsule, showing many of the major political, social, and economic events through Wally's (and Tom's) very unique perspective.

In addition to Wallyware, Tom offers other lines of unique and funny gifts, from ornaments (new designs out next week!) to pins, funny dishes and mugs, and a whole line of intricately detailed mugs based on David Bowie and Iggy Pop Lyrics (available exclusively on his Etsy page).

Of course the thing I am dying to get my hands on is Tom's line of custom dog bowls and milk bone jars. Like everything on Tom's site, the pots are hand thrown and hand drawn, but with the added bonus of your pup's personality being uniquely represented in the design.

The bowls come in two sizes, 5.5" and 7" diameter, with four style options for the inside, and four color options for their name on the outside. Holly is a fan of "Feed The !#!@&!! Dog Already" design, since my kitty had the cat version of the bowl when I was younger.

A sample of a custom dog dish
Our favorite interior option. Others include a heart, doggie bone,  and meat (seen above).
The custom Milk Bone jar is definitely #1 on Holly's Holiday Wishlist this year. Tom will create a custom design using your dog's name and breed, and the examples online are hysterical. I would love to see Tom's take on Little Holly's Big World, especially since her big yellow ears remind me of a certain pup he's been drawing for the past 30 years...

Some of the adorable and hilarious Milk Bone jars for other lucky pups!
With both the custom bowls and Milk Bone jars coming in under $50, I think there is a strong possibility Santa can bring some Wallyware to Holly this year. And if you are feeling inspired to add some Wally to your life, or gift some Wally to your favorite person (or pup), Tom has offered an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT to readers of Little Holly's Big World. Just enter "HOLLY" at checkout to receive 10% off your Wallyware order!!

Until Next Time, Darlings!

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