Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Paw-sitively Fabulous: Dogly

A few weeks back, while attending the My Pet & Me launch at Swatch, we were lucky enough to meet Jane & Cory Turner, the ladies behind Dogly, a unique social network that brings pup lovers together to raise money for their favorite shelters.
A post on Dogly raising the LOVE for Bully Project
Raising money for rescues while looking at adorable pictures of pooches? Talk about the perfect pair! As soon as I heard about Dogly's mission (and met Ozzy, their four-legged brand rep), I knew I had to learn more. Read on for the story of Dogly--then get "loving!"

Little Holly's Big World: what inspired you to create Dogly?

Jane & Cory Turner: We’re lifelong dog lovers and rescue advocates in our personal lives, and professionally we’re both focused on marketing, digital, and creative work, so Dogly is really the happy marriage of personal passion and professional experience.

We were inspired by our fellow dog lovers to create a way to bring together the two things we’re all bursting to do: tell our dogs’ stories visually and support rescues at the same time.

LHBW: Tell us a bit about how Dogly works.

CKT: It starts with getting creative with photos of your dog. Upload your favorite photos into the free Dogly app, then use our creative tools to crop, add text, filters, or art. When you sign up for Dogly, you can choose from more than 10,000 rescue organization to “play for.” Every “love” your photos get is donated to your shelter. At the end of every month, the shelter with the most loves receives a $1,000 Dogly Do Good grant. We’re especially excited about Dogly’s creativity grants. Every month, four Dogly-ers receive a Dogly Do Good creativity grant of $500 -- to give to their favorite shelters, of course!
Dogly users are encouraged to be creative to really stand out from the crowd!
LHBW: What makes Dogly different from other social media platforms for pup lovers?

JCT: We’re designed for both passion and purpose. With Dogly, we’re taking the “me” out of social media by benefiting rescue dogs with every photo posted. We often say Dogly is where dogs help dogs and make their humans heroes.

LHBW: Why was it important for you to pledge a monthly donation from Dogly to an animal shelter?

CKT: Like a Tom’s Shoes or FEED, Dogly is built as a business with purpose from the start. Our mantra is “do Dogly. do good.” Doing good is not an afterthought or add-on but baked into the very DNA of the Dogly experience. Giving back to the amazing rescues around the country is central to Dogly.
These snuggly pooches are all about Dogly's pro-social mission!
 LHBW: Tell us the story of Dogly’s official unofficial mascot Ozzy!

JCT: Ozzy is our most recent family rescue and he stands proudly for all our dogs who have come before (and our sweet rescue Lab Zoe who is a bit camera and event shy). He’s a great reminder of why we founded Dogly. We’re madly in love with him and he wouldn’t be here if not for the rescuers who braved the worst neighborhood in Houston to find him wandering the streets, the founder of Shaggy Dog Rescue and her vets, his amazing foster mom with SDR, and Rescue Road Trips which brought him to us in Connecticut. As they say, it takes a village. 

Ozzy is already giving back as the mascot for a special needs traveling baseball team; he’s a natural with autistic children…funny, feisty, patient, loving.  And as you know, he is adorable and has a great face. In every way, he’s the perfect symbol of a rescue dog – gorgeous inside and out.
The founders of Dogly, Cory and Jane Turner, pose with their own rescue pups.
LHBW: Where can eager pup parents download Dogly and learn more?

CKT: Dogly is a free download on both iOS and Android. More detail is available at dogly.com and you can get an overview of Dogly-ers’ posts, grants, and what we’re up to on our Instagram account @beingdogly (and all social media).

Thank you and see you on Dogly!

Until Next Time, Darlings!

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