Friday, December 18, 2015

Keep your pets safe while you're home for the holidays!

The Christmas holidays bring so many great traditions: ice skating, hot cocoa, and trimming the tree with family both two and four legged! Among these traditions are the many flora we have come to associate with the season: poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly are all decking our halls as well as our neighbor's doors.

But as beautiful as these seasonal plants can be, many of them are harmful to our pets. Luckily, ProFlowers has put together this helpful infographic to help keep your pets safe this holiday season!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Check us out on Racked!

Ever wonder what it takes to take your pup from #basicbitch to #topdog? Our pals over at Racked invited some of the Dogs of Instagram for a great day at the park, and we were thrilled to be included! Check out the story here (and be sure to note Holly's diva side on full display!). 
Image by Emmy Park of @stylepup for Racked.
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Summer Recap

Hello darlings!

As you might have noticed, we took a brief summer hiatus from LHBW blogging--between planning our event for The Jason Heigl Foundation (more on that soon), taking advantage of every pooch-friendly party in the city, and soaking up the last of the sun, the Summer passed us right by!

But never fear, because we have still been keeping track of every adventure on Bitches' Guide NYC! Missed some of our Summer fun? Catch up through the links below! And remember you can always follow along with our Manhattan (mis)adventures on Facebook and Instagram!
Our Insta-game is Strong as Hell! #unbreakable
The Summer kicked off with our paw-sitively fabulous Carrie Brad-paw photoshoot!

Though I would personally rank sports among the top things I do NOT care about, sports with your pooch is a whole other, well, ballgame. Mets Bark in the Park was a home run!

Taking your cousin to prom is lame. Taking your pup? Fabulous. BarkBox threw a Puppy Prom that had everyone wishing high school was this fun!
Pooches and prom dresses? Why can't every night be like this?
Holly's third birthday party was an Affair to Remember, complete with celeb pooches and sponsored gift bags!

The hottest party of the Summer (literally) was BarkBox's BarkFest, hosted at 50 Kent in Brooklyn.

Summertime and rooftop soirees go together like Taylor Swift and #squadgoals.

Of course our Summer wouldn't be complete without visiting our home in Colorado! Holly and I offer tips for travelling in style.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

You're Invited!

Hello darlings!

So sorry I've been a bad blogger lately--we have a lot of irons in the fire and are looking forward to telling you about some of our upcoming projects soon!

One I can share details on--our paw-ty at BarkBox to benefit our pals at the Jason Heigl Foundation.

In case you missed it, while off taking our fabulous Carrie Bradpaw pictures with Seriously Sabrina Photography, Holly and I were lucky enough to meet the super talented, super gorgeous, super sweet Katherine Heigl. We discussed our mutual dedication to animal rescue, and I had an opportunity to learn more about her incredible work in memory of her brother, Jason.
Katherine Heigl shares our dedication to animal rescue (and taste in footwear!). Photo by Seriously Sabrina Photography.
This inspired me to put together an event with BarkBox celebrating the most marvelous breed of all: the Shelter Mutt! Together with my friends at J&B Custom Leather, LazyBonezz, and The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, we will be offering a raffle with paw-sitively fabulous prizes, with proceeds benefitting the Heigl Hounds of Hope!

The event will take place August 6th from 6:30-8:30pm. Stay tuned on Instagram for more details!! I hope to see you all there!

Prizes from J&B Custom Leather, Lazybonezz, and The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore will all help benefit
 a great cause!
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Store Spotlight: LazyBonezz

I first learned about LazyBonezz when I joined pal Chloe Kardoggian at their super swanky rooftop party last month. I should have known that a brand favored by stars like Serena Williams and Michelle Trachtenberg would be at the pinnacle of style, and the same can be said for its founders!

Mother-daughter team Adrienne & Lorraine started the company when they saw a need in the market for pup products that integrated seamlessly into high-end design, and though their products are adored by real-life Gossip Girls (and the Real Housewives of New York), their kind spirits and generous attitudes are what really make them stand out (a portion of all sales goes to the Humane Society of New York). Entrepreneurial ingenuity and a pro social attitude? That's what we call paw-sitively fabulous!
Holly and me at the LazyBonezz rooftop event in May.
Holly modelling a collar c/o LazyBonezz at her birthday party. Buy it here.
Little Holly's Big World: You and your mom started out designing children's furniture. What inspired the expansion to luxury pup accessories?

Lorraine (LazyBonezz Founder): We were looking for a pet bed for a cousin’s new dog and couldn’t find anything that suited her chic apartment, so we decided to create something ourselves. Our background designing children’s furniture taught us to design for safety, comfort and style—and since most people consider their pet a part of the family, starting a pet furniture line was really a natural transition for us.

After a few successful years of offering beautiful “Furniture for Pets” that’s as nice (or nicer) than the rest of most people’s furniture, we got many requests from customers to expand into luxury pet accessories. People really want their dog or cat to be as trendy and fabulous as they are, and we want to help them achieve that with stylish accessories including runway inspired collars, trendy carriers, matching pet and pet parent charms, and so much more. 

Holly modelling her LazyBonezz swag. Tote, toy, leash bag c/o LazyBonezz
LHBW: Why was it important to you to donate a portion of the proceeds from LazyBonezz to the Humane Society of New York (ed. note: Holly is adopted from HSNY, so of course they have a very special place in our hearts!)?

LB: We love being able to pamper all pets, even those less fortunate. By donating a portion of LazyBonezz proceeds to the Humane Society of New York we’re able to help the Society lend a hand to all animals when illness, injury or homelessness strikes. It gives us the chance to pay it forward in our own neighborhood.

LHBW: Your chic sense of style has garnered a huge celeb following and media attention. Is there any moment you still look back on and pinch yourselves?

LB: Yes, always! We’ve been extremely lucky to have so many influential people fall in love with our products. When a magazine covers our products, or an A-list celebrity visits our showroom or is seen using our products it’s still very surreal. Being feature on the Real Housewives of New York has been a real pinch me moment. Ramona Singer visited our showroom with her dog, Coco, to shop our vast assortment of products – including our moto harnesses, jogger and our bunk bed! We had a great time, and Coco was able to go home with some fashionable goodies!
Want your pooch to travel like a Real House-pup? Check out the stroller Ramona Singer's pooch ruved here!
Image c/o LazyBonezz.
Superstars like Michelle Trachtenberg and Holly love LazyBonezz Super-Star carriers (buy this one here).
Image c/o LazyBonezz.
LHBW: What are your dreams for the future of Lazybonezz?

LB: We recently launched our ecommerce site. Offering our product directly to our consumers has always been a huge goal of ours, as we want to be the ones to directly connect with our customers (check out our site As for what’s next, we’d love to be able to expand in more categories and overseas.  
Want more? Check out LazyBonezz on Facebook and Instagram

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Paw-sitively Fabulous: Dogly

A few weeks back, while attending the My Pet & Me launch at Swatch, we were lucky enough to meet Jane & Cory Turner, the ladies behind Dogly, a unique social network that brings pup lovers together to raise money for their favorite shelters.
A post on Dogly raising the LOVE for Bully Project
Raising money for rescues while looking at adorable pictures of pooches? Talk about the perfect pair! As soon as I heard about Dogly's mission (and met Ozzy, their four-legged brand rep), I knew I had to learn more. Read on for the story of Dogly--then get "loving!"

Little Holly's Big World: what inspired you to create Dogly?

Jane & Cory Turner: We’re lifelong dog lovers and rescue advocates in our personal lives, and professionally we’re both focused on marketing, digital, and creative work, so Dogly is really the happy marriage of personal passion and professional experience.

We were inspired by our fellow dog lovers to create a way to bring together the two things we’re all bursting to do: tell our dogs’ stories visually and support rescues at the same time.

LHBW: Tell us a bit about how Dogly works.

CKT: It starts with getting creative with photos of your dog. Upload your favorite photos into the free Dogly app, then use our creative tools to crop, add text, filters, or art. When you sign up for Dogly, you can choose from more than 10,000 rescue organization to “play for.” Every “love” your photos get is donated to your shelter. At the end of every month, the shelter with the most loves receives a $1,000 Dogly Do Good grant. We’re especially excited about Dogly’s creativity grants. Every month, four Dogly-ers receive a Dogly Do Good creativity grant of $500 -- to give to their favorite shelters, of course!
Dogly users are encouraged to be creative to really stand out from the crowd!
LHBW: What makes Dogly different from other social media platforms for pup lovers?

JCT: We’re designed for both passion and purpose. With Dogly, we’re taking the “me” out of social media by benefiting rescue dogs with every photo posted. We often say Dogly is where dogs help dogs and make their humans heroes.

LHBW: Why was it important for you to pledge a monthly donation from Dogly to an animal shelter?

CKT: Like a Tom’s Shoes or FEED, Dogly is built as a business with purpose from the start. Our mantra is “do Dogly. do good.” Doing good is not an afterthought or add-on but baked into the very DNA of the Dogly experience. Giving back to the amazing rescues around the country is central to Dogly.
These snuggly pooches are all about Dogly's pro-social mission!
 LHBW: Tell us the story of Dogly’s official unofficial mascot Ozzy!

JCT: Ozzy is our most recent family rescue and he stands proudly for all our dogs who have come before (and our sweet rescue Lab Zoe who is a bit camera and event shy). He’s a great reminder of why we founded Dogly. We’re madly in love with him and he wouldn’t be here if not for the rescuers who braved the worst neighborhood in Houston to find him wandering the streets, the founder of Shaggy Dog Rescue and her vets, his amazing foster mom with SDR, and Rescue Road Trips which brought him to us in Connecticut. As they say, it takes a village. 

Ozzy is already giving back as the mascot for a special needs traveling baseball team; he’s a natural with autistic children…funny, feisty, patient, loving.  And as you know, he is adorable and has a great face. In every way, he’s the perfect symbol of a rescue dog – gorgeous inside and out.
The founders of Dogly, Cory and Jane Turner, pose with their own rescue pups.
LHBW: Where can eager pup parents download Dogly and learn more?

CKT: Dogly is a free download on both iOS and Android. More detail is available at and you can get an overview of Dogly-ers’ posts, grants, and what we’re up to on our Instagram account @beingdogly (and all social media).

Thank you and see you on Dogly!

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Paw-sitively Fabulous: Getting Carrie-d Away!

I will admit, as much as I love my photo shoots with Holly, it's intimidating when I think about emulating the looks of some of the most stylish screen sirens of the 20th Century. And as if taking on Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly wasn't challenging enough, this year's inspiration is the Holly Golightly of the modern era: Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw!

For our look this year, I settled on the iconic tiered tutu from the opening scene. Since I already have the Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes, I jut needed a tutu, a pink tank, and of course Carrie's tiered tutu!

Get Carried Away

Luckily, my favorite purveyor of tulle skirts, Space46Boutique, makes a Carrie tulle skirt that is perfect for the shoot! And as for Carrie's pink tank? This option is only $10, and part of the proceeds go to charitable organizations!

For Holly, I have gone through several tutu makers on Etsy but found that the options at PetAfterLife to be my favorite. The tulle is extra fluffy and seems to keep its shape better than other tutus with fewer layers! You may recognize her work from our photo shoot on Bitches' Guide NYC!

Holly will be wearing a basic pink tank from Baxter Boo to complete her look.

Of course, the biggest issue with recreating the look of a woman known for being an authority on all things sexy is legs and arms are on full display. After a frigid New York Winter, my arms and legs are pale and dry--not exactly display ready! Luckily, Influenster and Jergens sent me some BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream,* which promises to deliver flawless looking skin within 5 days! The formula has a slight tint to it so I noticed an improvement right away in masking small imperfections and adding a little color, and it has worked wonders on the naturally ruddy tone in my arms and my winter-rough elbows! I have been a fan of Jergens Natural Glow sunless tanner for a while, so it's great to have another product that gives a slight hint of color without risk of typical sunless tanning goofs!

I leave you to decide if the results are worth it when I post the photos in the next couple of weeks!

Until Next Time, Darlings!

*disclaimer: I was provided with these products on behalf of Influenster Vox and Jergens in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.