Monday, September 29, 2014

Help us choose our Holly-ween costume!

Good morning, Darlings!

I hope you've all entered our giveaway with Jumping and Jellybean! It ends tomorrow, so be sure to get those entries in for your chance to win a sparkle bow in the color of your choice! And be sure to check out Jumping and Jellybean's Etsy page for some paw-sitively fabulous new offerings for Fall.

Speaking of Fall, Holly and I are so excited that our favorite season is here. Crisper weather means we are breaking out our best in matching outfits for pumpkin patches and apple picking, and indulging in cider doughnuts and apple pie while cozying up in our favorite cable knits. And of course, Fall brings the greatest of all holidays for those who love coordinated ensembles: Halloween.

Last year, we celebrated our first Holly-ween as coordinating poodle girls, and though our matching skills were on point, we saw that when it comes to pup costumes in NYC, you have to bring your A game and be extra-creative. We have been brainstorming all year to come up with the best costume that not only will win over the judges, but stay true to the LHBW motto that "life is more fun when you match" (a motto I may or may not have made up just now).

That said, we thought we would turn to YOU, our faithful fans, to help us decide which of the ideas we should run with to really go for gold this Holly-ween. Of course, it's not about winning, it's about having a good time, but......winning is always a nice bonus :)

Below are my top three ideas for this year's costumed ensemble:

1. "Carrie Brad-paw in 'Spayed and the City'"

I am a big fan of Sex and the City and, like every New York girl, idolize Carrie Bradshaw's fearless style. For my birthday this year, I snagged a gorgeous tulle skirt from Space46Boutique that truly reminds me of Ms. Bradshaw's love for all things frilly and tulle.
The original tulle skirt from SATC's opening credits. Image courtesy of HBO. 
Carrie again donned tulle for the series finale in Paris. Image courtesy of HBO. 
Of course, I would be remiss if I left Holly out of all the girly fun, so I contacted the wonderful designer behind her Bark In the Park tutu and requested one to match the newest addition to my closet.
Ellie Grace Crafts on Etsy makes custom tutus, Holly now has one to match my own black tulle skirt!
With these tulle skirts, big flower pins adorning our blouses, and sky high heels (for me only, of course), Holly and I could channel the NYC fashion queen herself. The only two year old pooch is perhaps a little too young and impressionable for the HBO show's racier content. Hence, a quick change to the name is both a puppy pun and family friendly! Plus, it promotes spay & neuter in the most fabulous way imaginable!

2. "Hug Dealers"

Similar to Sex and the City, another show that everyone is talking about is AMC's smash hit, Breaking Bad. Of course, a Walter White reference at this point might be a teensy bit dated, but I saw this shirt on Threads for Thought and had an idea:

Using a yellow rain slicker from Amazon and a pair of inexpensive goggles, Holly would make an adorable intimidating Walter White, with me in a hazmat suit, gloves, and goggles as her trusty sidekick Jesse.
Don't mess with these pups! Image courtesy of @lifeisbananas15 on Instagram
But instead of Heisenberg's infamous blue product, we would be dealing something much less sinister...hugs! With a poster board sign featuring Heisenberg's stamp and the words "Hug Dealer," we would be sure to win over the hearts of even the most hardened criminals. 

3. "Yo Quiero Holly Bell"

I couldn't resist trying on an adorable taco costume when we visited our neighborhood Petco recently (even though my dad said it made Holly look more like a salad...). Since it would probably be too meta to say Holly was dressed as a "Taco Terrier" (her actual breed!), I thought about other ways that the costume could pair well with a human costume.
Holly, the world's most reluctant taco. 
My mind immediately went to one of my favorite posts this year, featuring the story of Gidget, the Chihuahua behind the "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" campaign. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be funny if I dressed my Chihuahua as a taco and myself as the Chihuahua who coined the Taco Bell catchphrase? DIY-ing Holly's signature ears onto a headband for myself would be pretty simple, and with khaki pants and a camel sweater, it would be as simple as saying a convincing "Yo Quiero Taco Bell!"

Which costume do you think we should go with? Do you have more fun ideas for coordinating costumes with your pup? I would love to hear in the comments! And be sure to stay tuned to the blog this month to see which idea we go with!

Until Next Time, Darlings!


  1. I adore the Sex & The City costume!! Too funny and adorable.

    1. Thanks Alyssa :) I think Holly will like that one too because she gets to dress up in a pretty outfit!

  2. Oh my god I'm crying, these are so adorable I can't handle it. This is the one thing I'm so envious of dog-owners for honestly. I have cats and they would throw a fit if I ever tried to fit them into a tu-tu!

    1. I will say, though, Petco has some AH-MAZING cat costumes. You might get the you-know-what scratched out of you (like I did when, at 5, I put my poor cat in a dress), but it would be worth it for the instas haha

  3. The tu-tus are adorable!


  4. hahaha omg! YESSS! CARRIE BRAD PAW! so so great! love it!

    1. HAHA that seems to be the winner by a landslide! I'll be sure to post pictures so everyone can see :)

  5. Carrie Brad-paw!! FOR SURE. I love this :)

    1. Thanks!! Carrie is definitely the standout fave!! I will be sure to post pictures :)