Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Wander: New York Mets Bark In The Park 2014

We want to start off by saying thank you to SITS for making Little Holly's Big World one of this week's featured blogs! Whether you are an old fan or stopping by for the first time, we are so happy to have you here!

Holly and I were so excited to attend this month's Bark In the Park event, hosted by the New York Mets. The major league baseball team hosts three Bark In the Park games each year, where fans can bring their four legged friends to root, root, root for the home team--and take a stroll on the Amazin's very own Citi Field!

Though we are not what one would call "followers" of any kind of sporting event, we are fans of decking ourselves out to attend live games, and this one was no different. In addition to her custom orange Ralph Lauren polo (similar style on sale here), we had a special orange and blue tutu made by Ellie Grace Crafts on Etsy. As usual, Holly was the belle of the ball, and the second she stepped on to the field, she was stopped for an interview on the Jumbotron!
Holly's tutu was a show stopper, so of course she was selected for an interview. As usual, she did most of the talking. 
15 minutes of fame on the Citi Field Jumbotron!
After our moment in the spotlight, we followed the other pooches to our seats. Pups and their parents were seated on the Pepsi Porch, which was equipped with booths from Petco, AvoDerm, Petland Discounts, and Nylabone handing out treats, swag, and coupons to eager passersby. Professional photographers were on the scene snapping pics of stylish pups, and the area was equipped with "Hydration stations" as well as sod covered "relief stations" to attend to the needs of four-legged fans. We were only three rows from the field, and had a great view of the action!
Posing in our seats
Our pawsome view of the field
With the famous Mets "Cowbell Man," a fan and team favorite
(Holly was too concerned about the bell to look excited)
Though Pepsi Porch had a great supply of Nathan's Hot Dogs and of course peanuts and Cracker Jack, we decided to opt for the delicious taco stand on the other side of the stadium. I sat with Holly and snapped a few selfies while my friend ran over to stock up on food and water, since it was very warm for Holly in the direct sun at our seats.
But first...let me take a selfie!
As the game wound down we decided to leave a little early to avoid the heavy crowds for the train and get Holly out of the sun (we did not leave in time for me to avoid getting a gorgeous farmer's tan, though!). As we were on our way out, we spotted a fellow tutu'd pooch, and the two lovely ladies of course had to stop for an Insta-perfect moment!
What's better than one tutu? Two tutus, naturally!
We had a terrific day at Bark in the Park and will definitely be attending future events. I'm so glad we selected the Fall game instead of the ones in the Summer season, since not only were there fewer crowds, but despite the direct sun on our seats, a crisp Fall breeze kept us (and, more importantly, Holly) comfortable and cool.
Jumping for joy. Let's go Mets!
Does your local team host a Bark in the Park? Have you attended? Share your stories below!

Until Next Time, Darlings!


  1. Happy SITS Day! Love discovering your blog. Holly looks fab in her tuto and polo. Looking forward to following along in your adventures around the city.

    Audrey |

  2. This is too precious. Good to know I'm not the only one who dresses her dog up. Love your fellow SITS girl!

    1. Haha anytime you need a dose of "someone out there is more dog crazy than I am," you are more than welcome to stop by the blog :)

  3. I just left you a tweet.

    1) I am a proud momma of a 7-year old boxer/pit mix my bf and I just adopted a few months ago. There's nothing like the love of an animal :)

    2) I love that you went to this! I would love to take Buster but not sure how he'd do (he's great around other dogs but gets SO super excited and wants to play with everyone).

    3) HOW CUTE IS THAT TUTU?!? Dying.

    Finally, your blog is amazing. Love the look/layout :) You rock!