Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April Fools!

April Fool's Day has a very special meaning over at Little Holly's Big World. Not only is it one of our favorite holidays (the now out of print tome The Trickster's Handbook was used frequently by myself and my dad as a child to pull off "pranks" on my poor mother, until her loyal pup Ozzie chewed it to bits in the ultimate prank), it is also my beloved horse Aida's birthday, and a day I remember her fiery personality, not to mention a few tricks of her own! She particularly enjoyed puffing out her stomach so a girth wouldn't tighten properly, and pulling the halters off other horses in nearby pastures so nobody had on a better outfit than she did :). Like many animals, Aida didn't get nearly enough birthdays in her time here on Earth, but she has since passed the mischievous totem to Little Holly, who I hope doesn't pull an April Fool's prank on me by devouring yet ANOTHER throw pillow!

Holly says the trick to pulling off this prank is pretending to look guilty when caught red-pawed!
Though I would never encourage playing a prank on your unsuspecting pup, this viral video posted by Finnish magician Jose Ahonen did give me the giggles. I bet Holly would be one of the dogs woofing in frustration if her treat suddenly vanished into mid air!

Have a fun, safe, and friendly April Fool's!

Until Next Time Darlings!

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