Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy National Puppy Day!

Hello Darlings!

Today is our most favorite of all Holly-days, National Puppy Day! Don't forget to snuggle your favorite pup today, and be thankful for all the joy they bring you each and every day! My friend sent me this very cute article  about all the reasons dogs are so great in your life, but I thought I would take this opportunity to name some of my favorite things about pup ownership not listed!

1. Your dog will not complain about participating in silly activities with you.

One of my most favorite things about Holly is her zest for life. No matter where we are or what we are doing, she is happy to just be invited along. She is willing to wear matching outfits, participate in over the top holiday activities, or take a 2.5 hour road trip to a wedding between people she has never met! I dare you to find a human that flexible, or who looks as cute as Holly does in a travel hoodie after hardly any sleep:

Holly was my loyal travel companion from New York to the Rocky Mountains for my friend's wedding!
2. Your dog doesn't judge you on your appearance.

I must say, my poor mother and all my friends (and likely most of the people in my immediate neighborhood) are appalled by the state of unwashed, un-makeup-ed, un-cuteness in which I quite frequently leave my apartment to walk Holly. I sleep in my yoga pants and old tee shirt so I can roll out of bed, throw on an old pair of sneakers, and be out the door walking Holly as quickly as possible in the morning. It's often not until I see the concerned looks on the faces of the other humans forced to interact with me that I wonder if perhaps I should have considered brushing my hair. But Holly is so happy and playful on our walks, why would I want to waste a second of our time together primping? Our quality time together is not at all diminished by my lack of makeup or matching socks, and I am more confident and comfortable showing my concealer free face in public as a result (sorry, world)!

Old shirt, no makeup, and Holly's only concern is that there is bacon. Dog priorities are the right priorities.
3. Dogs teach you it's possible to care more about someone than yourself.

People often compare puppy parenting to human parenting, and while I still say being a mom to a human child is the toughest job on earth, I do believe that by having Holly I have learned more about what I will be like as a parent. As mentioned above, I care a lot less about my appearance than I do about getting Holly taken care of and out the door (though this rule does not apply when we are coordinating our outfits, of course!), and I always worry about spending enough time with her, getting her enough walks, and making sure she is happy and healthy at all times! Holly's bi-weekly paw-dicures frequently come at the expense of my own manicures, and there have been plenty of times where I have spent my dedicated "fun" funds on toys and treats for her, but I know that making her happy makes me happy, and besides, chasing a very energetic puppy around on the weekends is hardly manicure friendly!

Being a doggy mommy makes me realize how fun (and exhausting) being a human mommy must be!
4. That being said...dogs also make excellent wing-puppies!

I will admit, a major bonus to having a puppy is they are great conversation starters with people you otherwise never would have met. Through Holly, I have made several very close friends with neighbors and fellow pup parents who have transitioned from people you groggily say hi to while wearing your dirty sweats out on a morning walk to people I actually see in the real world in nice clothes and everything! Holly and I have also developed a very finely honed "wing-doggy" system. When we see a cute boy (and I am appropriately attired), Holly will go into full on playful mode, licking and sniffing and being adorable, and I will put on a mock surprised face and say "Oh my God! She's usually so shy around guys, she's NEVER like this." Which is a lie that I can proudly say has scored us several dates :)

Wing-Holly scopes out the local cuties.
What pup qualities are you most thankful for on National Puppy Day? How will you and your favorite furry friend be celebrating?

Until Next Time, Darlings!


  1. Holly sounds like a wonderful companion. We got a puppy 2 Christmases ago, and he is the perfect match for my crazy crew.

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

    1. Isn't it great when pets fit right in to our wacky families? Holly loves to be nutty with my parent's standard poodles, horse, and donkey in Colorado--she's just one of the gang!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Awww so cute! Yes it's great to have a pet fit right in!! Thanks for sharing.