Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

2013 was a wonderful year for Holly & me. We walked more, played more, and really figured each other out, and I'm excited to start my second full year with her and see what new fun it brings! Some of our resolutions for this year:

  • Me: try to cut back on "mommy guilt" when I leave Holly at home. I know now that Holly is getting a great exercise routine with her fab walkers and our morning walks, she is suffering far less separation anxiety. What will completely nip it in the bud, according to my latest issue of Caesar's Way Magazine, is if I make less of a fuss when I leave the house if she is going to be alone. By leaving with a calm energy instead of fretting about her being home alone, I can give her complete security in knowing being alone for a bit is no big deal!
When Holly gets plenty of exercise, she has fewer issues with separation anxiety.

I am resolving to get rid of any "mommy guilt" when I leave Holly so she knows her "pack leader" is calm and she is safe & secure. 

  • Holly: try not to destroy "indestructible" toys after one day. Just kidding, that will never happen ;)
Even this "super strong" Kong stick was no match for Miss Golightly's mighty teeth!

10 minutes later...

  • Me: Brush Holly's teeth regularly. I slack some on this because Holly is an active chewer and a baby, so she has had fairly excellent dental health so far. But I know how important dental health is to small dogs especially, and how keeping up with regular tooth brushing can keep your pup happy and healthy for many, many years! So this year I resolve to brush Holly's teeth a couple times a week at least, even though she hates it! We chose a Cain & Able Collection Kissable Toothbrush and Toothpaste combo to help us keep this resolution, since it was certified natural and had a easy to use double headed brush.  
I liked that the toothpaste is certified natural and the brush makes cleaning Holly's little teeth a breeze!
  • Holly: Let mommy sleep in sometimes? Please? Nope, this probably won't happen either!

From our big world to yours, we wish you a happy, puppy filled New Year. 

Until Next Time, Darlings!

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