Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Holly Jolly Christmas!

Christmas is nearly here, and the past month has gone by in a blur of buying and wrapping and trekking to Fifth Ave more times than perhaps was strictly necessary, but I feel like I can say confidently that Holly and I have fully soaked up the holiday cheer and are ready to take our annual Christmas trip to Colorado to see my family.

We have been delighted to receive some ah-mazing presents (and to give some ourselves, we hope!), but I couldn't sign off for the season without sharing the couple of things I decided to gift myself this year.

Today we stopped for what I hope is our final last minute gift-buying adventure to Henri Bendel. Holly was so excited about the 70+ degree weather and our upcoming vacation that she took it upon herself to spread holiday love in the form of muddy paw prints on the pant legs of nearly every person we met! Luckily the staff and folks shopping at Bendel's were feeling the spirit of the season and took it in stride.

While at Bendel's I decided to gift myself with something from their Heritage Collection, which is currently on sale for 30% off. These are items designed exclusively for Henri Bendel and featured mainly on their second floor, including those featuring the illustrations of Izak, many of which feature a Henri Bendel "It Girl" and her little brown pup, which bear a striking resemblance to a certain blogger and her shopping bestie if I do say so myself ;)

This Izak holiday design mirrors my many adventures with Holly this holiday season!
 I have been coveting the Henri Bendel phone cases for some time now, and with 30% off and a likeness to Holly to boot, it was impossible to say no. The selection for my older iPhone 4s was not huge, but I did manage to snag one with plenty of girls and their pups to match our every mood!

This "It Girls" phone case was impossible to resist!
Pleased with the last of our holiday purchases, Holly and I came home to pack for our trip home. Of course, packing can be exhausting, especially with so many mommy & me outfits to coordinate (and this funky warm weather that makes the festive sweaters obsolete), so we took a break to do some online shopping.

I clicked onto Piperlime, which is one of my most frequented sites, especially now with all of the holiday sales, and gasped when I saw the Marc By Marc Jacobs Friends Of Mine Puppy Slippers on sale for over 50%, and in my size! I have been eyeing these flats for a while--sure, the Boston Terrier may not look much like Holly (a typical prerequisite for any pup themed items), but they are so happy and cute, and I know Marc By Marc Jacobs flats fit me perfectly. These babies are so pup-ular on Piperlime they are backordered until March, but a few months wait seems worth it to have them in my closet at this price.

I couldn't believe it when I saw these adorable flats on major sale!
Of course, it wouldn't be the holidays without some quality time with friends & family, so we will be taking a blogging hiatus while we eat too many sweets and share laughter and fun with our loved ones both here and Colorado. We will see you in the New Year--I can't wait to see what adventures it brings!

Until Next Year, Darlings!

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