Monday, January 12, 2015

Cold Weather Activities for You and Your Pooch

Baby, it's cold outside!!

After coming back from Colorado where it was a balmy -17 degrees, it wasn't exactly exciting to hop back in to 9 degree morning walks. Though we've posted in the past about what to wear when the temps get frigid, I thought I would take a moment to share ways that I tire Holly out when a long walk is just not going to happen.
In Colorado, cold temps meant long naps and cuddle time!

Modified indoor fetch:

Some mornings I want to make sure Holly and I both get a little workout in before I head to work. I will often tune into the super old school 8 minute abs video on YouTube and throw a soft toy for Holly while I'm doing sit ups. She had a tricky time at first figuring out that she had to bring the toy to my head so I could actually grab it to throw, but now that we have it figured out we both have a great time! We make sure to use an extra soft toy like this Wooly Fun ball so we don't wake our downstairs neighbors!
This ball is fun and apartment friendly!

2. Hide and seek:

I learned this nifty game from trainer Sue Chipperton when I was lucky enough to get to interview her. When it's too cold to take her pooches out, Sue taps in to their inner hunter with a game of "hide and seek." Recreating the game is simple: take your pooch's favorite toy or treat, show it to them, then make them do a sit-stay while you go hide the object of fun in another room. When you tell them to "go find it," watch them use their nose to track it down. It's best to start simple--putting the object in a low, easily visible location and making it more and more difficult as the game goes on (Sue's dogs can hunt out their toy on top of a wardrobe!). Using a pup's brain tires them out as much as a walk, so a half hour of hide and seek is sure to have your pup happily snoozing for hours!
Holly's "Mrs. Hedgehog" is a sure fire hide-and-seek success.

When a toy just won't cut it, these amazing Yam treats from our pals at Brindle's always get Holly's nose going!

3. When all else fails, snuggle!

Some days, it's just too cold to do much of anything, so it's just best to stay inside, curl up with some tea and a warm pup, and snuggle the day away. Holly and I enjoyed an evening of snuggles and pampering during last night's Golden Globes, which if you ask me is the perfect way to spend a chilly evening!
A girl's night is just what the weatherman ordered! My red carpet ready lashes are thanks to Covergirl GoBloom mascara, c/o Influenster! I'm sure the Fashion Police would be proud!*
Until Next Time, Darlings!

*disclaimer: I received these products to test courtesy of Influenster and CoverGirl. All opinions are my own. 

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