Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bark Box + Tuna Melts My Heart "Tuna Tour" Event!

As over 781,000 Instagram followers can attest, Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart), the tiny Chiweenie once found abandoned at the side of the road, is quite the special pup. So when Holly and I learned that BarkBox was hosting a meet & greet with Tuna at their New York offices, we knew we had to go say hello to her biggest celeb crush!

The event was running from 12-2pm, and we arrived around 1:15 to discover a line that wrapped around the block full of pup and people fans eager to meet Tuna! Luckily, the forecasted rain decided to stay away, and meeting fellow fans in line made the time pass quickly. Plus, our hosts at BarkBox were very accommodating--they came by with bowls of water for the pups (and bottles of water for the people), plus were on hand with treats and snuggles (exclusively for the pups), which made Holly one happy camper! Since she and I have braved the Shakespeare in the Park line together before, this wait felt like nothing, and before we knew it we were entering the building and taking the elevator up to BarkBox headquarters.

Patiently waiting to meet Tuna
A glimpse of the line from inside BarkBox HQ
By the time we got upstairs Tuna was no longer taking one on one photos (we weren't looking for that anyway, since Holly can be a very...enthusiastic playmate when she meets a new friend!), but there was still a line wrapping around the offices waiting to snap a photo. This gave us time to take in the very cool pup-themed space, complete with inflatable fire hydrants, doggie beds filled with toys, and a large photo of Andy Warhol with his pooch covering one wall. Holly was feeling the excitement of the crowd and was jumping all over our line neighbors and BarkBox employees who came to chat while we waited. Good thing everyone there was a dog lover!

The office space was so cool we had to get a picture. In the far corner are giant upholstered cubbies people and pups can lounge in!
Just before we met Tuna we were introduced to Marnie, a 12 year old Shih Tzu with an impressive Instagram following of her own. Marnie and her mom graciously agreed to a photo op with Holly, but the line waiting + excitement + all the pups in the room made Holly's posing skills fly out the window!

@MarnieTheDog has her posing skills DOWN. Holly refused to wear a hat, but she looks great anyway :)
Finally we arrived at Tuna's area. His mom and her friend were so sweet, first carrying Tuna into the crowd so everyone could get a few photos, then returning him to a little throne people could pose next to for a personal pic. While Tuna was in the crowd, he and Holly had a very long meet & greet/sniffing fest, and I definitely sensed a love connection! Sadly I was too busy playing wing mommy to capture the moment on film, but I promise it was very cute!

We did manage to (try) to pose for a photo with Tuna in his throne, but by that moment Holly had spotted a dachshund she was dying to play with. It seems she and I share the same curse of only taking terrible photos with celebrities, but we will always have the memories of those loving sniffs!

Neither of us can ever get a decent photo with a celeb. Oh well!
Before we left, we couldn't resist buying an official Tuna Melts My Heart mug and sneaking a peek at all the latest Bark Boxes out on display (Holly even worked the sad eyes until a sweet employee offered her a treat! Stinker!!). During the "Tuna Tour," new BarkBox subscriptions are 10% off, and $15 of each will be donated to the "Tuna Fund," which at the end of the tour will be split amongst 8 great rescue charities to help support their cause! We may be tempted to sign up with that in mind, and if you are as well you can check out for more info.

Obsessed with my official Tuna mug!
If you want to catch Tuna on the "Tuna Tour," be sure to follow @BarkBox and @TunaMeltsMyHeart on Instagram! And while you're over there, be sure you follow us @LittleHollysBigWorld for more wacky NYC adventures :)

Until Next Time, Darlings!


  1. I want a little dog so bad....but my husband would kill me! Cute blog and design! Nice to meet you..

    1. Thank you!! I had never had little dogs before Holly but I have to say I love that I can take her everywhere! I bet your husband would become a total mush the second he laid eyes on the pup and forget all about being mad ;)

      Nice meeting you too!! :)

  2. Nice to meet you from SITS! We are getting a little dog and cant wait!

    1. Nice to meet you too! I hope the blog gives you some fun ideas for things to do/what to wear/how to generally spoil your new pooch! :)