Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little Holly's Big Move!

Hello Darlings, and sorry for our long absence! Holly and I have a good reason though, I promise...we have been moving to a new apartment a whopping 10 blocks from our old one (what can I say, we heart the Upper East Side)!

Beyond the standard moving stress of packing, cleaning, and clearing out the remarkable amount of stuff I had managed to accumulate in my tiny studio over the past three years, I was very concerned about Holly's reaction to the move. Since she is a rescue, I knew that it could be potentially traumatic for her to see all the changes going on and to be transplanted from the only home she has known to a new and unfamiliar environment.

I was lucky enough to have some overlap in my leases, so I started bringing Holly to the new apartment regularly as I was slowly moving items up and having furniture delivered. I found a bed at Petco for $5 on clearance that I grabbed on a whim so she would have somewhere to sit while I put things together--it was intended as a purely temporary purchase until the official move happened, but wouldn't you know the little miss prefers it to the myriad of expensive (and more attractive) beds I have purchased her in the past! Despite having to work the "magic bed" into my decor (no easy feat), I was grateful to have it during the moving process, since like Holly's crate in the previous apartment, it gave her a home base where she felt safe & secure and could retreat during the chaos.

As long as we had the "magic bed" and her toys, Holly felt right at home!
I was still concerned about the transition for Holly between the two apartments, especially during the actual move of all my items from my old apartment to the new one. I decided to take a week off of work and have my dad help me so we could put everything in place and Holly could get used to the idea that this was our new house. Holly loved having my dad there and "helping" to put together all the furniture!

For the day of the big move from one apartment to the other, I had Holly's regular dog walker meet us at the old apartment prior to the movers arriving and take Holly on a 90 minute jaunt to the park, after which she met us at the new apartment. The timing worked out perfectly, with Holly missing out on the chaos of last minute packing and moving the old furniture out, and arriving just before the truck came to the new place (she especially liked howling at the movers as they brought items in, which I'm sure my new neighbors really appreciated!). 

Watchdog Holly enjoys her new view from the perch on the back of the daybed-turned-couch.
We would not have been able to make the transition as smoothly without Ruff City, who we have been working with for several months and absolutely love. In addition to the super long day of walk, our regular walker came several times during the week when I was home to adjust Holly slowly back into her typical walking routine. On top of that, Ruff City was able work with her schedule so she could continue walking Holly even at our new address! It brought Holly and I a lot of comfort knowing this integral part of her daily routine would not be changing, and I think it has helped to make the change even easier for her. 

We have now been officially living in our new apartment for just over 2 weeks, and Holly and I both feel right at home! 

Holly models our new living room, including custom Chihuahua pillow from Barking Bitches Denver!
Until Next Time, Darlings!


  1. Oh my! Holly looks adorable as ever. Anyway, I hope there weren't any problems with her getting comfy in her new home. She'll warm up to the place sooner or later, so you don't have to worry. It's a beautiful apartment, after all. Keep us updated. All the best! :)

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes

    1. She's loving it now! I think it's all the Chihuahua decor...makes her feel right at home :) Thanks for stopping by!