Sunday, February 2, 2014

Puppy Bowl X Recap

Happy Puppy Bowl Sunday, everyone!

Holly and I were especially excited for this year's tenth anniversary Puppy Bowl, and it did not disappoint. This year they pulled out all the stops with penguin cheerleaders, live on air feed of #PuppyBowl Instagram shots, and of course the Kitten Halftime Show featuring the fabulous feline, Keyboard Cat!

A lot of brands and companies were feeling the extra special spirit of this year's Puppy Bowl. While much of Times Square was decked out to celebrate the other major event taking place in New York today, Discovery Times Square hosted the Puppy Bowl Experience exhibit, where Puppy Bowl fanatics could get up close and personal with local adoptable pups and get into the Puppy Bowl spirit with a replica field, hall of fame, and puppy kissing booth. Georgetown Cupcake (which has a small cafe within Discovery Times Square) even got in on the action, offering special Puppy Bowl cupcakes at all of their locations.

The special Puppy Bowl cupcakes offered at Georgetown Cupcake locations in the days leading up to the event.
Needless to say, with all this build up, we were really excited for today's Puppy Bowl! So excited, in fact, that poor little Holly wore herself out before the game even started. Luckily, she had her adorable Petco + Puppy Bowl cheerleader outfit on so she could take a festive nap!

Once the game got going, she woke up and was ready for the action. We found ourselves instantly rooting for Loren, a fellow Colorado native (Go Broncos!), and of course for Ullie, a fellow Chihuahua who displayed her chops early on and scored major points in the Puppy Bowl Fantasy League!

Loren, a Brittany Spaniel Mix, caught our attention with his energy and Colorado  heritage!

Ullie the Chihuahua was living proof of "Small but Mighty."

We love that all the pups and kittens featured in the Puppy Bowl are adoptable, and love even more that since the show was taped in October, many of them have found forever homes! This year, Animal Planet added short features on some of the Puppy Bowl players in their new forever homes, and it was heartwarming to watch!

Of course, one of the most anticipated features of the Super Bowl is the commercials, but I would venture to say the Puppy Bowl commercials gave them a run for their money. Holly and I especially loved the "Dog Tested, Dog Approved" ads from Subaru, which really added to the Puppy Bowl vibe!

What was your favorite part of the Puppy Bowl? Did your Insa-pup make it on air?

Until Next Time, Darlings!

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