Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Holly-Days (Part One): Pictures With Santa

Last year, a dear friend of mine came in to town in mid December from LA, and we decided to take Holly to Bloomingdale's to tell Santa what a good pup she had been. While we were waiting in line, we noticed a few other pooches waiting to do the same, and learned that Bloomingdale's (59th Street) is the only major New York City department store that allows dogs to pose with Santa.

Santa and the photographer were a delight, and I knew I had to make the trip an annual tradition. Holly and I have been looking forward to going since the 1st of November, especially since her grandpa (my dad), will be in town for Thanksgiving and get to join in on the fun!

Since this year will be a multigenerational family affair, I wanted to make sure we had coordinated outfits so we would have a cohesive theme (my dad was thrilled when he was given these marching orders...hehe). I started browsing for options and stumbled across an adorable dress from famous designer Isaac Mizrahi, but unfortunately they were sold out of Holly's size :( . Isaac Mizrahi's pooch line is super cute and well priced (the dress was under $20!), though, so I know I will return to it when Holly needs an outfit for future events.

This Isaac Mizrahi dress was super cute and festive, but sold out in Holly's size.
I decided our holiday photo wardrobe crisis was the perfect opportunity to add another Fab Dog sweater to Holly's collection. After some browsing of the holiday selection available, I decided on this cute snowman style. I'm a little worried that the light blue color will make people think she's a boy, but it was so cute I decided it was worth correcting a few people!

This snowman sweater was too funny to pass up!
Inspired by Holly's cute snowman sweater, my dad and I will both don blue sweaters as well. I will share pictures right after we take them--I'm sure they will be paw-sitively fabulous!

Until Next Time, Darlings!

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