Sunday, October 13, 2013

Store Spotlight: Anthropologie

One of Holly's (and my) favorite weekend activities is shopping. Though Holly would probably prefer if every shopping trip was to our local Petco for more toys, I love that in New York City every store we visit is pooch friendly. Many stores keep treats stashed in the front, and Holly particularly enjoys any store where she is fussed over by the salespeople (I would like to go on record to say this is most stores...she can't help it that she's so popular!).

I was so excited last year when an Anthropologie opened in my neighborhood. My friends and I love to visit and experience the artsy-chic lifestyle they cater to, and even though most of my purchases have come from the sale section every piece feels special, unique, and well made. Holly was not as sold on Anthropologie the first few times we visited; even though the staff was friendly and gushed over her adorableness, she usually tried to sniff out any delicious dust bunnies under the displays while Mommy and her friends shop.

That is, until recently, when Anthropologie added a series of products for the global pooch to its well-curated shelves. In addition to cute pup-themed decor and gift items (which they always offered), they now stock collars, clothes and even treats so your four legged friends can participate in the Anthropologie lifesyle.

In our store, these new offerings are set up in a cute pup-themed area, which caught Holly's eye with the brightly painted milkbones and cute stuffed pooches on display. One of them took her by surprise when she rounded a corner, and she was a little nervous until she figured out he wasn't real!

Holly made friends with this stuffed pup after realizing he wasn't going after the painted treats (Mommy wouldn't let her have one)
There are several products from the puppy line that are on our wish list this season, including "Home Cooking For Your Dog," which our local store has hosted book signing events for that include adoptable pups (some of the proceeds from the book benefit animal rescue). Also high on the list are Bocce Bakery Treats, which include fun & funky flavors like Lobster Roll and Truffle Mac & Cheese, though Holly will most likely prefer the traditional PB&J.

In addition to the Bocce Bakery Treats and Home Cooking For Your Dog, we love the look of the Harry Barker Toile bowls!

 Of course Holly's wardrobe needs some Anthro love also...we have our eye on the charming Chambray shirt, largely because since I have one in the same shade, it would be another opportunity to match!

I would be remiss not to mention that Anthropologie still stocks adorable giftables and home decor items for the pup lover in your life. We are especially big fans of the Chloe Dog Tieback and the Chihuahua Stamp (pictured below), because they bear a resemblance to a pooch I know!
This cute little Chihuahua looks like she would be simply fabulous!

What do you think about Anthropologie's new puppy line? Will you be adding any of the pieces into your dog's life?

Until Next Time, Darlings!

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